Celebrity #Hairgoals

Keeping up with our favourite celebrities and influencers has never been easier, thanks to social media. Seeing these ingénues ever-evolving styles, from the red-carpet and beyond, is one of our favourite guilty pleasures. Some celebs are known for their #hairgoals, and we love trying to mimic their seemingly effortless ‘dos. Read below to learn how you can re-create some classic hairstyles from a few of our favourite leading ladies.

Elizabeth Olsen’s Waves

Effortless, slept-in waves have always been our go-to. Start by shampooing with Fast Food sulfate-free shampoo to achieve exceptional shine, and lightweight moisture. Follow with Fast Food leave on conditioner to boost hair with extra hydration. It will ensure that even the finest hair keeps its luscious volume.

From there, mist Sea Spray beachy wave finish onto damp hair, and scrunch. Salt free, Sea Spray will give gritty, wavy texture to the hair. Once hair is dry, use a medium-sized barrel curling iron, and wrap face-framing pieces around iron to get a slightly more polished wave. Finish off with a blast of Tousled Texture body & shine finishing spray for extra body, shine, and a moveable, piecey look.

Lorde’s Curl Explosion

Follow in Lorde’s footsteps, and explore your natural texture with this voluminous curl look. Start in the shower with Re:coil sulfate-free curl care shampoo and Re:coil curl care conditioner. Formulated with our exclusive C3 (Curl Creating Complex), the duo will hydrate curl, leaving hair with natural bounce and minimal frizz.

Next, scrunch Re:coil curl activator into damp hair. Re:coil encourages waves, activating, defining and adding hold. Blow-dry with a diffuser, or let air-dry. Once dry, use a small amount of Details defining cream and run your finger through individual curls to add separation and reduce any lingering frizz. Take a page out of Lorde’s book, and create an exaggerated part for a more carefree style.

Jourdan Dunn’s Cropped ‘Do

This minimalist hairstyle deserves a minimalist routine. Start in the shower with AG’s Balance apple cider vinegar sulfate-free shampoo and Boost apple cider vinegar conditioner. Formulated with up to 98% naturally-derived, plant-based ingredients, Balance and Boost leave hair shiny, smooth and moisturized.

Rub Rosehip Balm hair dry lotion into damp hair to calm and seal the hair cuticle. Either blow-dry with a paddle brush, or let hair air-dry. Once dry, take a small amount of Dry Lift texture and volume paste, rub into hands, and use to add piecey separation throughout. Rub a little into root area for added volume. Dry Lift leaves hair with a gritty, voluminous texture.

Chiara Ferrgani’s Sleek Locks

Smooth, sleek locks will always be on trend, and AG’s Smooth category has you covered! Start with Smoooth sulfate-free argan & coconut shampoo and Sleeek argan & coconut conditioner. The mild, gentle formula calms and smooths hair, while adding exceptional shine. Cocktail Set it Straight argan straightening lotion and The Oil argan smoothing oil, by adding a pump of each into hands, and mixing together. Add to damp hair. This combo will tackle waves, helping straighten hair effortlessly, while protecting locks from heat damage. Extremely lightweight, it will add slip, shine and softness to all hair types.

Blow-dry with a paddle brush, pulling brush and blow-dryer down the hair to help smooth the hair cuticle. Once dry, spray Firewall argan shine & flat iron spray into hair. Firewall provides high shine and a smooth, protective barrier between your delicate strands and the flat iron. Throw The Oil into your purse, and use throughout the day to add additional shine, or control pesky frizz.

Image Credits: Pinterest, @lordemusic, @jourdandunn, InStyle, @chiaraferrgani