Hit the Showers

For our SET. SWEAT. STYLE. series, we got together with Vancouver-based Life + Colour Salon and Tight Club Athletics to create helpful How-To Hair Gifs. Because, as Tight Club likes to say, you’re not just training for the gym, you’re training for life.

Short hairstyles have the advantage of drying faster, so we’re showing some tips on how to sneak in a quick post-workout shower without sacrificing time or style.

We hung out with Michael Kong, perhaps better known as @bodybykong, a professional dancer and fitness instructor, who basically sweats for a living. On any given day, you can catch him teaching Booty Luv at Tight Club, spin at Ride Cycle Club or Barre at Barre Fitness.


Fine hair friends – it’s all about volume and texture. Set, Sweat, and Style with this super easy How-To.

Bobs and bangs – Werk your Workout, a How-To for easy-to-achieve texture.

Long hair – Sweaty Hair, Don’t Care, check out the How-To for post-workout beachy waves. 

Pre-Workout Prep

1. Apply Sea Spray (a SELF Magazine award winner) liberally throughout hair, adding hold for your workout.


1. Hit the showers! Wash hair and body with Cleansing Cream, a co-wash (aka a 2-in-1 that gently cleanses and conditions hair). Towel dry.

2. Emulsify Molding Cream in hands, and apply throughout hair, finger combing in place adding hold, texture and a polished shine.

3. So fresh and so clean, clean.

4. Zip and go!
Styling tips provided by the talented stylists and owners of Life + Colour Salon, Nadia Domany and Christine Leblanc. Located at 233 Union Street in Vancouver, BC.

Model, Michael Kong is a trainer at Tight Club Athletics, located at 261 Union Street (a few doors down from Life + Colour Salon). Tight Club is more than a gym, it’s a space for those who value active bodies, creative minds and balanced lives.

Photos by Kezia Nathe