Interview: Ray Cout

Vancouver-based beauty and fitness blogger, Ray Cout (@raycout_), has over 19 thousand followers on Instagram. Her passion for health, fitness and beauty, and her positive vibes on life, definitely caught our attention. Read our interview with the Brazilian born beauty and her tips on living healthy.
AG Hair: Can you tell us about yourself?

Ray Cout: I’m originally from Brazil and can speak three languages – Portuguese, Italian and English. I love to travel, and I am a big foodie!

AG: We love the look and feel of your Instagram page, can you tell us more about your style?

RC: My Instagram is my personal diary. I always try to make it look clean and classy. I love all the great feedback I’ve been receiving lately!

AG: You’re an advocate on health and fitness. Do you have any tips to share?

RC: I would say that it’s important to work out at least 20 minutes a day (preferably cardio), as it will help you stay in shape. If you are looking to shed those last few pounds, increase your exercise routine, and eat smaller meals more frequently. Choose healthy greens and vegetables and make sure to drink a lot of water!

AG: Who is your inspiration?

RC: My dad. He taught me how to always stay positive and humble.

AG: What’s your daily beauty routine?

RC: I’m not a huge fan of spending hours in front of a mirror, so I love products that give me quick and great results!

AG: What are you currently coveting in your wardrobe?

RC: I’m currently obsessed with high-waisted pants.

AG: What’s your favourite hairstyle?

RC: That messy, but clean look is unbeatable. Messy buns are my current favourite for those get up and go days.

AG: Favourite AG product, and how do you use it?

RC: I’m obsessed with the new Natural category, with my favourite product being Remedy apple cider vinegar leave on mist. I can see a huge improvement in my hair, and I can notice the difference it makes when I use it. Not to mention, the smell is to die for! I would recommend this line to everyone!

AG: We love a good shout out to our hometown of Vancouver, where is your go-to spot in town?

RC: There are so many spectacular places to visit and eat, but my favourite spot is a coffee sop in Yaletown called The Buzz Face & Espresso, located inside an art gallery (Harrison Gallery). The vibe there is amazing! It’s decorated with paintings by local artists, comfy sofas and classic rock music. I can spend hours there, and it’s my favourite place for meetings. It’s a must-go!