#Throwback Hair Trends

We’re taking it back and showing you how to achieve our favourite hair styles from each decade. Whether you’re feeling the 50s pinup or the 90s pony, read below for a modern and easy how-to.

Current – Effortless Waves

Achieve this modern, effortless look with a simple hair wash. Cleansing Cream foam-free hair wash is the gentlest way to refresh your hair and takes the place of your traditional shampoo and conditioner. The hair wash combines anti-aging seaberry oil with natural seaweed extracts to nourish and condition hair while removing dirt and pollutants. There is no need to follow with a conditioner.

Add Sea Spray beachy wave finish to damp hair, and scrunch in. This salt-free spray adds gritty, wavy texture to hair, with added oomph, and helps create a casual, effortless look. Let air-dry, or blow-dry with a diffuser. Finish off with a blast of Tousled Texture body & shine finishing spray that swiftly musses up strands, while providing instant body and shine. #Hairgoals achieved.

2000’s – Slick, Smooth and Shiny

Argan oil and coconut infused, AG’s Smooth category works magic on hair, leaving it velvety soft and frizz-free. Smoooth sulfate-free argan & coconut shampoo and Sleeek argan & coconut conditioner bathe hair in creamy nourishing lather, while calming, smoothing and adding shine. Add a few pumps of Set it Straight argan straightening lotion to damp hair. The humidity-resistant lotion will help smooth and straighten hair effortlessly, while acting as an effective thermal protector. Blow-dry strands with a paddle brush, pulling and smoothing as you go.

Once dry, mist Firewall argan shine & flat iron spray throughout. Firewall works as a protective barrier between your delicate hair and your searing flat iron, while helping smooth and control unruly hair and flyaways. Infused with argan oil, it lets your iron seamlessly slip through hair, as it adds incredible shine. Section hair off, and run a flat iron through each section for pin-straight locks.

1990’s – Scrunch It Up

From Kelly Kapowski to DJ Tanner, scrunchies were a girl’s best hair accessory. Spray Tousled Texture body & shine finishing spray through hair to add volume, texture and light hold. Next, collect your hair into a high, cheerleader pony, and secure with an elastic. Use Texture Gloss undone definition to smooth down the crown area and add brilliant shine. Finish off by adding a scrunchy to your pony – quick, easy and so ’90s.

1980’s – Curls Gone Wild

Curls, kinks or coils, we got you covered! Re:coil sulfate-free curl care shampoo and Re:coil curl care conditioner start your routine by encouraging curl and natural bounce, while providing hydration and controlling frizz. Add some Re:coil curl activator into hands, and scrunch into hair. Re:coil will activate and define curls, with no stiffness or stickiness. Let air dry, or blow-dry with a diffuser. Tip: the less you disrupt your curls with your hands, the less frizz you will have once dry.

Once dry, analyze your curls, and if you feel like you need a little help, wrap small sections of hair around a 1/2-inch curling iron. Concentrate your efforts around the face-framing sections. Finish off the look with a spray of Frizzproof argan anti-humidity finishing spray for light hold, and protection against heat, humidity, mist or rain.

1970’s – Peace, Love and Natural Beauty

Plant-based and up to 98% naturally-derived, AG’s Natural category is perfect for all our minimalist beauties. Begin in the shower with Balance apple cider vinegar sulfate-free shampoo and Boost apple cider vinegar conditioner. Packed with nutritious ingredients and scented with a unique blend of essential oils, Balance and Boost will gently hydrate hair, closing the hair cuticle for natural shine and smoothing.

Finish off this quick and easy 3-step routine with Remedy apple cider vinegar leave on mist. The mist will balance the pH of your hair, detangle, restore strength and elasticity, all while bringing out the natural wave in your hair. Comb through and leave on, and let hair air-dry or blow-dry as usual.

1960’s – Up, Up and Away

Achieve this groovy style by shampooing and conditioning with Thikk Wash volumizing shampoo and Thikk Rinse volumizing conditioner. The weightless formulation effectively boosts volume in even the finest hair, leaving you with an abundance of body. Add a few pumps of Foam weightless volumizer into hands, and run through hair, concentrating in the root area. Foam will add feather-light volume through hair, while discouraging frizz and providing thermal protection. Using a large round brush, blow-dry hair, lifting and coaxing at the root for maximum volume.

Finish off your style by emulsifying Dry Lift texture and volume paste into hands, and rubbing into the root area. Dry Lift will add grit and lift to your strands, and is the perfect back-combing partner. Lastly, use a small amount to smooth down the crown area and get rid of frizz and flyaways.

1950’s – Glamour Queen

Glamorous and timeless waves always seem to make an appearance at every girl’s night out. Begin by adding a generous amount of Spray Gel thermal setting spray through dry hair. Spray Gel will protect your hair from hot tools, while also adding long lasting, flexible hold and shine. Add an exaggerated part to your hair, and using a 1-inch curling iron, curl all your hair in one direction. Spray a light layer of Aerodynamics lightweight finishing spray on a paddle brush, and lightly comb through curls, giving them a looser, more unified look.

To achieve a voluminous bang, wrap hair back with winter and pin in place after curling, and leave until completely cool. Take out pin and run fingers through bang area to gently comb through. Finish off with a final spray of Aerodynamics for additional hold, and exceptional shine.

Image Credits: Nagi Saki, Kristin Gallegos, Pinterest, Top Shop, Flare Magazine

Model: @maritzaveer
Hair stylist: @wessles
Stylist: @katieburnettstylist
Makeup: @jennykanavaros