Girl’s Night In

As the days get colder, and the nights get longer, staying indoors sounds pretty blissful. Take a rain check on your girl’s night out and spend the evening pampering yourself in the comfort of your home. No spa night is complete without some TLC for your hair. Read below to learn how to treat those locks, and help prevent winter damage.


Winter rain, sleet and snow got your hair looking dull and lifeless? Brighten your locks and tone those strands with Sterling Silver toning shampoo and conditioner. The duo will help cool down blonde and gray strands, while deepening dark, black hues. Keep conditioner on for up to 15 minutes for a deeper, more intense toning experience.


Put a mask on! Thirsty, parched hair that has seen a hot tool one too many times, love Moisture Mask infusion treatment. Formulated with an exclusive blend of naturally hydrating ingredients, it penetrates deep into the hair shaft, sealing the cuticle for immediate, long term moisturizing benefits. Depending on your needs, leave on for as little as 15 minutes or overnight.

If your hair is leaning more towards hunger, with over processed locks being your biggest struggle, Reconstruct intense restorative mask is your hero. Packed with keratin and silk protein, Reconstruct will restore elasticity and protein back into dry, damaged hair. This treatment works quickly, leave on for just 15 minutes for full benefits!


Once the masks are washed off, start choosing a leave on conditioner that will help prevent future damage. For our thirsty girls, opt for Fast Food leave on conditioner. The perfect hydrating treatment, it adds moisture with a lightweight finish. And for our girls that need a little more love, Repair Serum keratin split end sealant is your go-to! It will help reduce breakage while leaving hair feeling silky, glossy and irresistibly soft. Don’t forget to spray locks with Deflect fast-dry heat protection prior to blow-drying. Deflect speeds up blow-drying time, and protects your gentle hair from the searing heat of a blow-dryer. You are left with smooth, shiny locks.

Image Credits: Bathroom Homes, Pinterest, Sakara Life, Sessun, Shop Style, Tumblr