The Office

The daily 9-5 grind can be hard enough without worrying about your locks. Whether your office vibe is corporate or creative, we’re here to make your morning routine that much easier. So, leave the office politics behind, and achieve #hairgoals that will be the water cooler talk all week long.

Half & Half

Our favourite work to play hair style, the half-up half-down, is the most versatile for all hair types. Keep your hair smooth, or throw in some curls (our go-to) by spraying damp hair with Sea Spray beachy wave finish to add grit, wave and movement to hair. Let air dry, or blow dry with a diffuser for frizz free locks. Pull top half of hair back, and secure with a metallic barrette for a unique finish. Use Texture Gloss undone definition to smooth back hair, removing any frizz or flyaways, while amplifying shine. Finish off  with a spray of Tousled Texture body & shine finishing spray for more volume, shine and hold.

Low & Bold

Feel secure and confident right before a big meeting by pulling hair back into a low bun. Easy, effortless and stylish, hair will stay out of your face during that PowerPoint presentation. Use Dry Lift texture and volume paste in the root area to add volume and soak up excess oil on second day hair. Comb hair back, and secure in a low pony. Add some more Dry Lift through pony to add grit and hold, and wrap hair around elastic. Secure with bobby pins. Finish off with a spray of Aerodynamics lightweight finishing spray to add medium hold and humidity protection.

Soft & Gentle

We love a classic blow-out on a busy Monday morning. Add Rosehip Balm hair dry lotion to damp hair to help smooth, calm and seal the hair cuticle. Using a large barrel round brush, blow dry locks, making sure air is being sent in the direction of the hair cuticle to prevent frizz. Concentrate on drying hair up and away from face for incredible volume. Add Spray Gel thermal setting spray to protect hair against heat and add hold, and curl some lazy pieces around a large barrel curling iron for more unified curls. Finish off with a spray of Tousled Texture body & shine finishing spray for texture and movement.

Image Credits: Pinterest, Tumblr, @loganlaurice, Esther & Co