Natural Mixology

Our Natural category combines a beautiful aesthetic with innovation and an abundance of natural ingredients to create healthy hair from the inside out. And we love achieving new ways for hair styling and maintenance, without adding too much fuss. Below are our product combinations to suit your hair needs, from curly, wavy to colour damaged hair.


The Duo: Remedy + Spray Gel.

Remedy apple cider vinegar leave on mist is great at detangling curly hair, while adding shine and reducing frizz. Finish your style by spritzing Spray Gel for a soft hold. The thermal setting spray is loaded with silk and keratin protein for added hair strength.


The Triple Combo: Remedy + Repair Serum + The Oil.

First, spray Remedy generously throughout your hair, this will help detangle and make brushing more manageable. The apple cider vinegar helps balance the pH of the hair, an elixir for your hair chock full of healthy ingredients that leaves hair feeling noticeably smoother, while helping to restore strength, elasticity and lock in moisture.

Finish by emulsifying Repair Serum, a keratin-rich, leave-in formula and The Oil, which is rich in organic Moroccan argan oil, in your hands and apply to the ends of your hair. This will seal split ends and reduce breakage, while adding extra softness and shine.


The Mix: Rosehip Balm + Set it Straight.

In your palm mix a small amount of Rosehip Balm and equal part of Set It Straight (adjust accordingly to your hair length) and apply  to damp hair. Let air dry or blow dry.

Cold-pressed rosehip oil, rich in essential fatty acids, help smooth, calm and seal the hair cuticle. Rosehip Balm hair dry lotion instantly smooths making the hair more manageable, while Set it Straight acts double duty in protecting against humidity, keeping hair frizz free.


The 1-2-step: Dry Lift + Beach Bomb.

While hair is damp, apply Beach Bomb to give your hair hold as it air dries. Beach Bomb will help emphasize your natural waves while adding texture.

Next, work Dry Lift into your hair, scrunching it in as you work from the roots down, this will add extra texture, grit and volume. The Kaolin clay and volcanic ash absorb excess oil, creating a thickening effect on the hair, adding body and allowing hair to be styled and manipulated.

Photo Credit: Pinterest, The Haute Pursuit and ASOS