Know Your Curl – Curl Types

A Helpful How-to Guide

Identifying your curl pattern can be a daunting task. We’re here to clear up the confusion and take you on a #CurlJourney to find the perfect routine.

Since curls come in all shapes and sizes, decipher your curl pattern using the two-pronged process below. Developed by celebrity stylist, Andre Walker and used throughout the industry, this helpful curl classification system not only identifies your curl pattern but is further broken down into three subcategories to help you embrace your natural bend.


Somewhere between straight and curly. Prone to frizz and reacts to humidity. Hair needs additional hold and definition.

Look for wave enhancers, weightless moisturizers & curl cultivators.
AG Recommends: Smoooth & SleeekCurl Revive & Curl Thrive, Mousse Gel, Frizzproof, Beach Bomb, Curl Trigger, Sea Spray


Spirals and ringlets. Requires extra hydration and curl definition.

Seek curl creating hydrators, that banish frizz and add brilliant shine.
AG Recommends: Curl Revive & Curl Thrive, Conditioning Mist, Re:coil, Rosehip Balm, Dry Wax, Texture Gloss


Tight corkscrew curls. Hair appears shorter than it is. Hair needs moisture (and more moisture!), detangling and shrinkage prevention.

Prep with moisture and end with moisture to treat fragile, damage-prone locks.
AG Recommends: Cleansing Cream & Moisture MaskCurl Revive & Curl Thrive, Ultramoist (for additional moisture) & Fast Food leave-on, Details, The Oil


Illustration Credit: Lindsay Shepherd

Product Photography: @valerielina

Image Credits: @samiorenelda, @profashional_tay, @pinterest