Curl Journey

Jade Pattenden was born into a creative family. At a young age, she fell in love with painting and creating portraits, it challenged her to express and translate beauty in to art. From there, she delved into modeling and acting where she flourished her talents as an actress. Captivated by her work and her gorgeous curls, we had to learn more. Read on to learn about Jade’s #CurlStory and her journey through the world of entertainment.

Interview: Jade Pattenden

Tell us about yourself? Where did you grow up?
I grew up in Scotland (Edinburgh and then the Scottish Borders) and then lived in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, before moving to Vancouver, British Columbia. I am an artist. I currently make a living as a background performer in the film industry and I model occasionally as well.
You’re a model and actress. Is that something you always wanted to do?

Yes and no. Modeling and acting always felt like an impossible career to me as a child so I never really considered it. The first time I was asked to model was by a family friend and I was shocked that someone would ask me. I’ve always been obsessed with television and movies, so when I discovered that Vancouver was Hollywood North, I had to find a way to be a part of a movie set. I have a principle agent now, and I am looking forward to trying out principle acting.

What was it like growing up with curly hair?

Complicated. I chemically straightened my hair before I had even started school. I always had to be conscious of the natural roots growing in and felt like my hair was ugly and needed to be tamed. In Grade 10, I stopped relaxing my hair when I met my friend, who was rocking her natural curls. I realized I had no idea what my curls were like and decided I would stop relaxing my hair.

How has your curl care routine evolved since childhood?

I went from destroying my curl pattern with chemicals to caring for them and trying to bring them back to life. I wore a lot of braids as a child, and then I went through the flat-ironing phase. After going natural, I did a lot of twist-outs. I still do, but now I am trying to wear my hair without altering the curl pattern at all.

What can’t your curls live without?

A nourishing deep conditioning treatment, a good conditioner and coconut oil.

Talk us through your wash day routine?

I wet my hair, section it into four areas. I shampoo a section, condition, detangle, repeat on the other sections, then wash the conditioner out. I try and do a deep conditioning treatment if I have time, then rinse that out and apply my styling products and air dry my hair.

What is your go to hairstyle?

I love wearing my hair as a free-flowing afro! For work I normally have to do a twist out, or a voluminous ponytail.

What’s the best piece of curl advice you have given or been given? 

The best advice I’ve been given is to only shampoo once a week. My hair texture is very coarse and shampooing often makes it dry. Also, I was told not to use hairspray or brush your hair when it’s dry. My advice to others is to deep condition (with a shower cap and hooded dryer, if you have one) as much as possible. It really brings your curls back to life!

Image Credits: Bryce Martyn, Lindsay Elliot