Top 5 Curly Hair Woes

Curly hair can be many things – when it’s good it’s great (and you feel like Beyoncé), but when it’s bad it feels like things can’t get any worse. But don’t worry, you’re not alone! We uncovered the top five curly hair woes and how to solve them, so read on to see what we found.

Problem: Frizz


The archenemy of curly hair. While curly hair is prone to frizz by nature, here are a few things you can do to prevent it:

Use the right towel. A regular bath towel can draw out moisture, so invest in a microfiber towel to dry curly hair with less friction. On a budget? An old t-shirt will also do the trick!

Air dry whenever possible. For best results, let curly hair dry naturally. If you’re in a pinch, gently blow dry on medium heat – don’t forget the diffuser!

Do not touch. Try to keep your fingers away from your hair as it dries – this can help prevent pesky knots and tangles.

Problem: Second-Day Curls

For most women, curly hair looks best on day four or five – which is great, but it’s those in-between days that seem to be the trickiest.

Upgrade your beauty sleep. Swap your cotton pillowcase for one that’s made of silk or satin to reduce friction and prevent frizz. If you have a silk scarf handy, you can also opt to wrap it around your head instead.

Try the Pineapple updo. This popular style keeps your curls from getting squashed while you sleep. See our step-by-step guide on how to achieve the look!

Problem: Dryness

Moisture is your friend! With the right products, curly hair doesn’t have to feel dry and brittle.

Use a sulfate-free shampoo. Sulfate is the bubbling agent in most shampoos that strip your hair of moisture and leave you with that squeaky-clean feeling. Try our Curl Revive sulfate-free hydrating shampoo for shiny, bouncy curls. For extra dry hair, try our Cleansing Cream – this foam-free hair wash is the gentlest way to refresh your hair.

Follow up with a cream. Applying a hair cream to damp hair can dramatically improve the drying process. Try AG’s Details defining cream to calm frizz, define curls and add shine while holding your curls in place.

Problem: Consistency

Good hair days and bad hair days seem to come and go as they please. The key is to lock down a consistent routine that works for you.

Know your curl type – not all curls are created equal! Read our detailed post on identifying your curl pattern.

The regimen. Once you get to know your hair, it’s time to build your regimen. Enter the LOC method – a foundational routine that ensures beautifully defined and hydrated curls.

Problem: Curl Confidence

Despite being born with gorgeous curls, many women have expressed that gaining confidence in their hair type can take years. Read our #CurlStory series to learn about how inspiring women started rocking their natural hair!

Image credits: Vogue, Pinterest, PixelFormula