3 Ways to Air-Dry with AG’s New Natural

This summer, we’re all about the air-dry-and-go routine to take advantage of the warmer weather (and maximize on sleep!). And with the launch of our newest innovation, Cloud air light volumizing mousse, we’re happy to say achieving the perfect air-dry look just got easier. Read on to learn how to air dry for three different hair types featuring our Natural category!

For Straight Hair

Give flat hair weightless lift by working 2-3 pumps of Cloud through damp hair, focusing on roots. Scrunch and twist sections of hair in random areas to create a lived-in feel as it dries. Finish with a few spritzes of Remedy apple cider vinegar leave on mist to seal in moisture and add shine.

For Wavy Hair

Channel your inner Alexa Chung by scrunching and lifting a generous amount of Cloud into towel-dried hair. Avoid playing with your strands as it dries to limit frizz. If you’re going for a piece-y look, run a pea-sized amount of Dry Lift texture & volume paste through ends. To reactivate lift throughout the day, simply rough up your roots and apply more Dry Lift to your roots.

For Curly Hair

To help manage curly or frizzy hair, apply Cloud in palms and run through lengths, focusing on ends where your hair is most prone to dryness. (If you’re pressed for time, gently style using a blow dryer with a diffuser attachment.) For extra glossy curls, apply a hydrating cream like Rosehip Balm hair dry lotion from mid-shaft to ends.

Image credits: @alexachung, @imaanhammam, Vanessa Hong