#LiftUp with Chad Wood

Chad Wood is one celebrity stylist we envy, his roster of clients include gal-pals Amber Valetta, Mila Kunis, Jessica Alba, and Olivia Munn, who he memorably styled in a chain-metal headdress inspired by the Crusades at this year’s Met Gala. We caught up with the LA-based stylist to hear what lifts him up, and how he maintains his glorious curly hair.

#LiftUp with Chad

Can you tell us a bit about yourself, where did you grow up? 
I grew up in St. George Utah with six brothers and sisters.

How did you get started in the industry? And what does your typical day look like? 
I went to hair school in Utah (I did day and night school and finished in less than a year) and I moved to LA with $300 and worked my way up! My typical day looks like a shot of espresso with breakfast, then off to the gym and then to work, which is usually on sets, a show or on location.  My days vary quite often!

A style you’ve mastered and can do in your sleep? 
Beach wave.

What’s your typical hair routine? 
I wash it with shampoo and conditioner and then I always use a hair oil afterwards.

What are some up and coming hair trends we should know about? 
90’s are having a moment right now. Proper and pretty hair is back and we are moving away from the grungy look a bit.

Who is your ultimate beauty icon? 
Julia Roberts.

You have an extensive career, which includes hair styling for magazine editorials, commercials and fashion. What’s your most memorable moment behind the chair where you lifted up your clients spirits? 
I always like to walk into work with positive energy and I like to play music and go above and beyond for every client.

Best compliment you’ve received?
That I am an artist. I like when people refer to me as an artist!

Best advice you’ve given?
You never stop learning – when you’re comfortable you need to get outside your comfort zone so you can grow! 

What are your favourite LA locations that lift up your spirits?
 South Beverly Grill
Drink:  El Carmen
Secret location: My building’s rooftop. I have a 365 view of all of LA. I like to go up there and reflect!

Your favourite way to use Cloud air light volumizing mousse:
I love the Cloud Air Light Volumizing Mousse because it’s a light product that gives volume without making your hair feel product heavy. I apply a desired amount of the mousse into the palm of my hand and distribute it evenly throughout damp hair before blow drying. Depending on the look you are going for you can achieve a wavy or straight voluminous look. This product is great!

Check out Chad’s Instagram @chadwoodhair for the latest trends in hair!

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Image credits: All images courtesy of www.chadwoodhair.com