#LiftUp with Nicole Wong

To celebrate Cloud’s official launch, we’re kicking off a series of interviews dedicated to our #LiftUp campaign –  all about spreading the do-good/feel-good attitude. AG’s Natural line celebrates wellness and self-care, so we are shining the spotlight on those who embody an extension of this ethos.

This week, we caught-up with effortlessly cool girl, Nicole Wong, a Vancouver-based creative marketer and the little things that lift up her mood. Like Cloud, the smallest gestures can make the biggest impact.

#LiftUp with Nicole

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself – where did you grow up?
I grew up in the suburbs of Metro Vancouver.

We noticed you’re a photographer, how did you get into this profession?
Truthfully, I only do photography as a hobby and take on freelance work every now and then when my schedule allows for it. I’ve always loved photography and like most people, I took photography in high school where I learned some technical skills. For me, photography isn’t necessarily about taking the perfect photo, but rather, I like trying to capture the feeling of a moment.

What inspires you to travel to new destinations?
Being able to experience a place and culture that is completely different than what I’m used to inspires me greatly. To be able to see new things and be in new spaces truly invigorates me like nothing else.

Out of all the places that you’ve visited, what are you favourite locations that lift up your spirits?

Eat: Olmsted in Brooklyn, New York. Great vibes and even more delicious food.

Drink: Potato Head Beach Club in Bali. Perhaps this is because I was just there in March, but all the (non-alcoholic) beverages I had were so refreshing!

Secret location: This isn’t exactly a secret but my patio. When the sun is out and I’m at home, I love relaxing outside on the patio.

Tell us about a time that a friend (or a stranger!) lifted your mood in an instant.
There’s nothing quite like a good friend reminding you that you are a capable, decent and loving human being when you’re in a funk and feeling life’s weight.

What is one thing you think people should do more often?
Take a break for themselves. Self-care is so important and there’s a sense that people always need to be doing something, which is untrue. This is something I’m trying to work on myself!

We all have that one hairstyle that makes us feel like a million dollars. What’s yours?
Mine is when my hair is the perfect length, I’ve curled it and the curls are perfectly tousled to make a messy lob.

Your favourite way to use Cloud air light volumizing mousse:
My hair is extremely straight and flat, so I will usually take three pumps and run it through wet hair from the root to the tips. I follow this up with a few spritzes of the Remedy spray and then finish it off with the Dry Lift paste in my roots and tips.

Check out Nicole’s Instagram @tokyo_to for serious style & travel inspo!

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Image credits: Jeremy Jude LeeNicole Wong