3 Hair Tips for Your Next Long-Haul Flight

Dreaming of being whisked away to an exotic destination has our toes tingling, but the thought of the inevitable long-haul flight to get us there has us feeling quite the opposite. Recycled cabin air makes our hair dry, frizzy, and oily all at once, making us feel less-than-stellar on arrival. Here’s our top three tricks to help your hair feel fresh, soft and clean during your next plane ride!

Prep With Moisture

We all talk about the importance of drinking plenty of water throughout your flight, and the same rule applies to your hair. Flying tends to suck the moisture out of your strands, so give yourself a boost of hydration with Remedy apple cider vinegar leave on mist to reduce frizz and prevent tangles throughout your travels. Plus, AG’s exclusive blend of essential oils provides benefits of aromatherapy to calm any in-flight jitters.

Put It Up

The combination of desert-dry air and friction from moving around in your seat is the ultimate recipe for a frizzy disaster. We suggest twisting your hair up into a bun, or securing into braids for the duration of your flight. This will help prevent frizz and static, as well as keep you from constantly touching your hair – meaning minimal oil transfer from your fingertips. After the flight, undo your hair and spritz Sea Spray throughout lengths to achieve that beachy wave finish.

Touch Down Touch-Up

Last but not least, always carry a travel-size dry shampoo to give your locks a boost of volume and absorb any excess oil. When you’re close to landing, let your hair down and spray a generous amount of Simply Dry Shampoo directly at the roots. Allow the formula to absorb as you complete any necessary touch-ups. Finally, comb through lengths with fingers to distribute product evenly, and you’re good to go!