3 Ways to Wear Wet Hair This Summer

The days are getting hotter and what better way to stay cool than rocking the poolside hair? We break down the highly coveted “wet hair” look in three easy, wearable styles. Read on to learn how you can achieve this look!

Barely There Wet

If you’re new to the trend, a simple slicked-back pony is a good place to start. First, prep your strands for styling with a light application of Aerodynamics lightweight finishing spray. Then, secure your hair into a low ponytail or bun with a boar-bristle brush to ensure a smooth finish. Finally, emulsify a generous amount of Texture Gloss in the palms of your hands and smooth down flyaways.

Beachy Wet

No one does ocean-kissed hair like the Kardashians, but you can get pretty close with AG’s Beach Bomb. Simply scrunch a small amount into damp hair and air dry for a natural finish. Touch up throughout the day with Sea Spray beachy wave finish to revive texture and movement.

Full Glam Wet

Save this full-on wet look to make a statement on your next girls night out. Start by working a small amount of Liquid Effects extra firm styling lotion into towel-dried hair, focusing on roots and comb through in a raking motion. Add more as needed. Finally, scrunch 5-6 pumps of Cloud air light volumizing mousse from mid-shaft to ends.