Interview: Lucie Fink

To say there’s no one quite like Lucie Fink is an understatement; she’s a writer, editor, influencer, producer, and the creative mastermind behind Refinery29’s Try Living With Lucie and Lucie For Hire. We chatted with media maven and newly engaged bride-to-be on how she turned her passion into a thriving career and how she stays real through it all.

Interview with Lucie Fink

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself – where did you grow up?
I grew up in Scarsdale, New York in a family of 5. I have an older brother named Robbie and a twin sister named Allie, and I lived in the same house for my entire life before graduating high school and moving to Baltimore for college.

Rumour has it that you started out as a neuroscience major at Johns Hopkins University – what was it like to make such a huge career change?
As a kid, I truly wanted to work in medicine. I saw myself as a future neurosurgeon, plastic surgeon or dermatologist. Around my sophomore year at Hopkins, however, I decided that the medical field wasn’t exactly right for me. Switching my major was a huge life-defining moment; it was the moment when I realized that I wanted to pursue a career in the arts and I started down an entirely new path. It was scary to make the shift at first, but I realized pretty quickly that I had made the right decision. My first deep-dive into video production was the YouTube series I hosted for the Johns Hopkins University’s Office of Undergraduate Admissions: “Learn More, See More, B’More.”

What is your favourite thing about working for Refinery29?
Refinery29 continues to open my eyes to new people, ideas and beliefs. Growing up, it’s easy to think that your childhood neighbourhood is an accurate representation of the entire world, but Refinery29 shows me daily just how expansive, different and colourful the universe is.

Can you describe your typical day on the job?
My daily job is never the same. Some days, I’m out and about in NYC (or other places around the world) shooting new episodes of my various YouTube series, and other days I am sitting at my desk answering emails, editing footage, and planning for upcoming shoots. The digital media world moves very quickly, so once one video is complete, we’re well on our way into production for the next. I post a video on Refinery29’s YouTube channel every Friday, so when it comes to this job, you’re never really ‘done’ working.

Between your extensive work at Refinery29, freelance projects, and traveling the world, how do you find balance and stay grounded?
I make sure that no matter how crazy work gets and no matter how many upcoming projects and tasks I have to complete, I always put my health and personal life first. I love practicing yoga and doing meditation, and I throw myself wholeheartedly into the relationship with those around me. I love having long conversations with friends and family about life, work, health, and balance, and I find that talking about it and learning from others helps keep me grounded. Additionally, I find that when I disconnect from my devices (even if just for a little bit), I am actually better at doing my job once I reconnect.

What is the best advice you’ve ever received/given?
I love telling middle school and high school girls that it is COOL to be nice. A lot of young people get caught up in gossip and drama, and they think that it makes them “cool” to be exclusive or mean to others. I love telling them that, as they grow up, they’ll come to realize that being nice is actually what makes people cool. Also, “coolness” is an attitude that comes along with self-confidence; it’s not a piece of clothing or an accessory you own that makes you cool…it’s your personality!

What was the most fun Try Living With Lucie challenge you’ve done so far?
It’s an even split between 5 Days on an Adventure (my trip to Costa Rica for a yoga retreat), and 5 Days of New Experiences (our episode sponsored by Carnival Cruise Line, where I took a tropical cruise to the Caribbean with my bff). Clearly, I love travel!

And what do you hope to try next?
I’m excited to learn more about gut health and Ayurveda (two upcoming episode topics!).

Congratulations on your engagement! Any clues on how you’ll be styling your hair on the big day? Any bridal hair inspos?
I am not 100% certain (haven’t had any trials just yet), but I’m thinking of going with the low messy bun look, potentially with some messy braids in there and a flower crown on top! I think the dress I pick will dictate the final hairstyle I choose.

We all have that one hairstyle that makes us feel like a million dollars. What’s yours?
Perfect beach waves. ALL. THE. WAY.

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Image credits: @luciebfink