#LiftUp with Jessica Cheng

Cloud is the newest addition to AG’s Natural line which celebrates wellness and self-care. Our latest campaign reflects this idea and is all about spreading the do-good/feel-good attitude, so we are shining the spotlight on those who embody this ethos. This week, we chatted with London-based art director, Jessica Cheng, about the little things that lift up her mood. Like Cloud, the smallest gestures can make the biggest impact.

#LiftUp With Jess

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself – where did you grow up?
Hi! I’m an art director and designer. I also make fashion and lifestyle videos on YouTube under @thestylecat. I did most of my growing up in a small city called Waterloo in Canada, then I moved to Toronto to study fashion and to work.

You recently made a big change from working an office job in Toronto to going freelance in London. What was that like?
It was a bit of a scary leap leaving my position at Cake Beauty as an Art Director, but it was the right time for a big move. A few years ago I lived in Seoul, Korea for a year, so London did not seem as big of a change. I knew I wanted more time to pursue my side projects like @thestylecat, as well as spend more time actually creating and directing on shoots.  I also like doing things my own way, and freelance gives me the opportunity to take more control of my work. There are so many big fashion/beauty brands in London, so I’m just excited to sink my teeth into as many projects as possible.

Where do you look for inspiration for new content and projects?
I am a Pinterest fiend. I have boards on boards on boards. Most of them are secret boards because I don’t want people to know what I’m planning.😈 I’m also finding myself paying a lot of attention to the ads in the tube (since I spend so much time riding in them). I always find interesting ads, the content is of a much higher caliber than what you would see in the Toronto subway.

What are you favourite London spots that lift up your spirits?

Eat: Rascals/Ballie Ballerson – this East London restaurant and bar is a millennial’s dream!  Think pink neon signs, plants, a vegan friendly Cali-inspired menu, and a BALL PIT. I repeat: a BALL PIT.

Drink: Palm Vaults in Hackney Central. Again, think pink marble, gold detailing, and jungle patterned wallpaper. Oh, and they also make pretty tonic lattes in different colours. For boozy drinks, Ballie Ballerson also makes amazing sweet and sour candy inspired drinks with dry ice – the Dibbie Dabberson is the best drink I’ve ever had (and I just can’t with these names).

Secret location: I don’t think I’ve been in London long enough to find a ‘secret’ location, but Kew Gardens is a great weekend escape from the hustle and bustle of central London.

Tell us about a time that a friend (or a stranger!) lifted your mood in an instant.
Whenever people outside restaurants or cafes are handing out free food samples – that always lifts my mood instantly 😂

What is one thing you think people should do more often?
Not be afraid to take risks with their look – I always hear people say how they can’t pull off a certain hairstyle or piece of clothing, but I honestly think anyone can pull off anything! 

We all have that one hairstyle that makes us feel like a million dollars. What’s yours?
I recently got straight bangs and made them EVEN SHORTER, and I’m loving them. I’ll soon be working my way up to baby bang status.

Your favourite way to use Cloud air light volumizing mousse:
After a shower, I like to use a few pumps and scrunch it into my wet hair. Most days, I let it air dry (because blow drying my hair is the bane of my existence) and add some extra texture with Dry Lift texture and volume paste.

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Image credits: @thestylecat