The Best Products to Treat Sun Damaged Hair

Summer is in full swing, and while we’re all in for soaking up some vitamin D, it’s important to take care of your hair the same way you take care of your skin. Read on to learn how you can treat sun damaged hair and keep your strands soft all season long!


With any skincare or haircare regimen, prevention is key. Harmful UV rays, especially under the blazing summer sun, can contribute to a multitude of issues ranging from brittleness, dryness, fading and even split ends. The best way to avoid sun damage is to use a hair protectant with SPF. Try BB Cream total benefit hair primer – infused with AG’s exclusive CARE Complex, which is a blend of antioxidants including sunflower seed extract, marigold, lavender, red clover, pine and carnation that fight-off free radicals and guard against UV exposure keeping your hair colour bright and healthy. Emulsify a dime size amount in the palms and work through damp hair from ends to root. Apply preferred styling products as desired, or simply leave and style dry.


If your hair show signs of damage, be sure to trim your ends and switch to a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. AG’s Fast Food sulfate-free shampoo and leave on conditioner are packed with potent humectants that provide extreme hydration and is lightweight enough for all hair types.. Silk amino acids work wonders to leave your hair silky soft while Abyssinian oil mends split ends.


In addition to dehydration, prolonged sun exposure can break down the proteins in your hair, which weakens strands and leads to brittleness and breakage. Try incorporating a weekly deep treatment like AG’s Reconstruct intense restorative mask to help restore strength and replenish moisture. This luxurious treatment uses keratin amino acids – the primary building blocks of hair – to repair and smooth each strand while adding strength, elasticity and shine.
Image Credits: Pinterest