3 Ways to Protect and Prevent Hair from Chlorine Damage

Nothing sounds more appealing than a hot summer day spent in and out of the pool – until you’re left with lifeless strands stripped of their natural oils. Today we’re sharing our top three tips to keep chlorine damage to a minimum and enjoy poolside season to its fullest.


Hit the shower before taking the plunge to ensure your hair is soaked with clean water – your hair will absorb less chlorine, which leads to less damage. To further protect your hair, apply a leave-in treatment like AG’s Conditioning Mist. Enriched with silk and keratin proteins, Conditioning Mist hydrates and strengthens while shielding from harsh chemicals.


Chlorine buildup can wreak havoc on your hair (especially if you colour), so it’s important to rinse away any residue as soon as you step out of the water. Use a clarifying shampoo like AG’s Renew to gently remove chlorine and product build up and leave hair with renewed manageability.


Once your hair is cleansed, apply a deep conditioning treatment like AG’s Moisture Mask to combat dryness, brittleness, thinning and breakage. Leave on for 30 minutes, or leave in overnight and rinse off in the morning.
Image credits: Jamie Nelson, Pinterest