Day to Night Hair Ideas

Whether it’s a mid-week date night or happy hour with colleagues, post-work revelries require a quick bathroom refresh. We’re sharing our top three hairstyles that easily take you from day to night, with little-to-no touch ups. So you can say “hello, margarita Wednesday,” at quarter past five.


This tried-and-true style is equal parts polished and laid-back, perfect for a casual night out. Prep in the morning by working AG’s Beach Bomb throughout damp hair and set in a low bun. When the work day is over, let your hair loose and scrunch in small sections to reactivate waves. For added texture, finish with AG’s Sea Spray.


If you’re rocking second-day hair, try an easy up-do like milkmaid braids, which gives a soft, romantic vibe. Start by spraying a generous amount of AG’s Simply Dry Shampoo directly to the roots, then massage and comb through. In addition to absorbing excess oil, Simply Dry will add texture and body, making it easier to style. Next, divide your hair in half and set in braids. Wrap each braid around the top of your head and secure with bobby pins. Set your style with AG’s Dry Wax matte finishing mist to hold in place. Let pieces fall out throughout the day to give it that effortless undone look.


Sometimes all it takes is a change in part to create completely different look. Give your hair extra volume by working AG’s Cloud air light volumizing mousse into damp roots before blow drying. Sweep your hair over to one side to create a deep side part, then use bobby pins to tuck the remainder of your hair behind your ear. Before heading out, take the bobby pins out and spray AG’s Tousled Texture to swiftly muss up hair while adding instant body and shine.

Image credits: Nagi Sakai, Cosmopolitan UK, Harper’s Bazaar, Carol Alvarez