Stylist How-To: Cowash + Mask

We combine the gentleness of Cleansing Cream with the intense nourishment of Moisture Mask and style with power duo Re:Coil curl activator and Fast Food leave on.

Stylist How-To: Sleek Seventies Centre Part

A modern take on an iconic look, how to achieve a sleek seventies centre part using Firewall, Texture Gloss and AG's Midnight Heat flat iron.

Stylist How-To: Wispy Updo

Did you know you can use Moisture Mask as a styling tool? In our latest How-To tutorial Christine Leblanc from Life and Colour Salon shows us how.

How-To: DIY Hair Bend

Make waves with our latest how-to tutorial. Master the hair bend using Firewall (an AG Hero), Midnight Heat Flat Iron and Tousled Texture.

Stylist How-To: Faux Fringe

Faux fringe! Our latest How-To tutorial features a fun twist for curly-haired clients.

How-To: Baby Hair Top Knot

Take a peek at our textured twist on the top knot using a toothbrush, Dry Wax and Ultradynamics (hint it's all about the baby hairs!).