In part two of our Texture muse feature, we’ll introduce you to cool girl Alix Brown. Photographed by Kristin Gallegos and hair styled by our friend Wesley O’Meara.

The idea for Texture was really inspired just by walking around the streets of New York, a certain je ne sais quoi attitude that we knew we had to capture. A style so enviable it transcends time. Over the next three weeks, we’ll introduce you to our three beautiful muses. First up, model Coco Baudelle.



Since starting Women Leading Change, AG Hair’s CEO and Co-Founder Lotte Davis, started mentoring and leading workshops for the girls in Africa called, Empower Me. Read more about the influential workshop in Lotte’s journal entry.

Hello, Vancouver


See our event photos from our Vancouver launch of Texture in Vancouver’s bustling Chinatown pop-up storefront, This Open Space. Guests enjoyed food, drinks, live music and of course, #hairgoals.

Bang Bang


Bangs are making a comeback, again. And we welcome the cut with open arms. In fact, it has us contemplating our own fringe options.

No one is perfect, but it’s those nuances and so-called imperfections that are the most interesting and beautiful. So we’ve put together a few cocktail recipes to help achieve effortless hair with AG’s newest products.

Hair shouldn’t be complicated, which is why we’re drawn to styles that are approachable, simple and undone. Our newest line of haircare products let us show you how to achieve no fuss hair.

New! Dry Wax


AG’s Dry Wax matte finishing mist is your secret to no fuss hair. Giving you messy, yet manageable hair, it’ll have everyone turning heads for your model off duty look.

New! Sea Spray


Spring is fast approaching, which means achieving sun-kissed skin and hair is just around the corner. Instead of waiting another five months for Mr. Summer, we’ve bottled up the beach to bring hair gritty, wavy texture, with a side of oomph – endless summer.

Hair shouldn’t be complicated, which is why we’re drawn to styles that are approachable, simple and undone. AG’s Cleansing Cream is the gentlest way to refresh your hair. This foam-free hair wash is a shampoo and conditioner in one.

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