We’re so proud to have AG’s CEO and Co-Founder, Lotte Davis featured on Lean-In, an organization founded by author and TEDTalk speaker Sheryl Sandberg.

Chicago-based stylist Aga Dondzik has always been at the forefront touring with major bands. Since 2008, her salon Rock Razor Scissors has worked with British bands like The Klaxons, Radiohead, American hip-hop artist Yelawolf to fellow Canadians Hot Hot Heat and Carly Rae Jepsen. This is the glamorous photo diary of Aga Dondzik.

This week Jacquie Alexander takes us to her favourite getaways in Melbourne. November is the perfect time to visit the Great Down Under and explore the outdoors – eat, play and explore!

Introducing our revamped Control Shampoo – a groundbreaking treatment in dandruff solutions. Created in our innovative labs, Control contains twice the active ingredients of other dandruff shampoos on the market – in fact, it has the maximum active ingredient allowable without a prescription.

We recently introduced you to our guest blogger, Jacquie Alexander. Jacquie not only has great looking hair, but her style and fashion tastes are impeccable. This week, Jacquie takes us to her favourite stores in Melbourne, Australia.

Let’s dream for a moment that just outside our door awaits a white sandy beach with warm tropical breezes, instead of white snowy streets with wind chill factors.

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