Rather than teasing and back-combing your way to bigger, badder hair, the perfect product combo can give you the volume and va-va-voom you crave, while promoting long-lasting benefits to promote future (permanent) hair growth and thickness.



No matter what shade you are, or what season it is, there’s one trend that never goes out of style – healthy hair. And, we could all use a little help after a summer of (damaging) UV-ray and chlorine packed adventures (…so worth it).

Our entire Volume category including our two NEW products (Root Thikkening Serum and Thikkening Lotion) are now infused with our Regenerative Complex – a clinically proven blend that helps create and maintain an optimal environment for healthy hair growth and fuller looking hair.

Introducing our two new hair treatments – Root Thikkening Serum and Thikkening Lotion. Containing high concentrations of our Regenerative Complex, a clinically proven blend of organic Pea Sprout Extract coupled with ginseng and ginger, both products work to naturally stimulate new hair growth and create the optimal environment for healthy and fuller looking hair. Uniquely compounded in our labs, the proprietary complex is known to prolong the growth phase, rebalancing the hair lifecycle.

After spending the night in Entebbe, we caught an early morning flight in a single engine Cessna to remote Northern Uganda, landing on a dirt airstrip and driving an hour on potholed roads to Atanga Girls School.

You can’t help but be jealous of this girl’s confidence. She is fearless and edgy but with a heart of gold. She pulls off the rocker-chic look in the most effortless way possible. Her gorgeous dark hair has been plagued in the past by white powder residue but this new dry shampoo and root touch eliminates such annoyances.

Her hair colour may have a perceived innocence, but don’t be fooled – she has a wild side and is always ready to shake things up. She loves to add a bit of texture and grip to her fine hair and never has to worry about roots. She loves that she doesn’t have to wash her hair every day and looks forward to her day two volume.

There’s a bit of truth to the saying “blondes have more fun” – always up for adventure, this girl is carefree and likes to toss her hair around. AG’s multifaceted Dry Shampoo and Root Touch-Up spans the entire spectrum of blonde, seamlessly blending with her hair colour.

Simply Dry gets straight to the point. This no-nonsense dry shampoo does exactly what it says. It works with any hair colour and is great for this girl on-the-go who wants to refresh her style. From the gym to a night on the town, she doesn’t skip a beat.

Introducing our Dry Shampoo line. The new collection features four “flavours” including our Simply Dry Shampoo and three Root Touch-Ups (Blonde, Light Brown, and Brunette) which span the hair colour spectrum to match and blend seamlessly, even covering roots between salon visits.

The slums are now home to over a million people, in an area the size of New York’s Central Park. And, with virtually no services offered by the government, like sanitation, garbage removal, running water or electricity, the living conditions are deplorable.

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