Simply Dry gets straight to the point. This no-nonsense dry shampoo does exactly what it says. It works with any hair colour and is great for this girl on-the-go who wants to refresh her style. From the gym to a night on the town, she doesn’t skip a beat.

Introducing our Dry Shampoo line. The new collection features four “flavours” including our Simply Dry Shampoo and three Root Touch-Ups (Blonde, Light Brown, and Brunette) which span the hair colour spectrum to match and blend seamlessly, even covering roots between salon visits.

The slums are now home to over a million people, in an area the size of New York’s Central Park. And, with virtually no services offered by the government, like sanitation, garbage removal, running water or electricity, the living conditions are deplorable.

This past September, AG’s CEO and Co-founder Lotte Davis travelled to Africa with two friends to visit the schools which Women Leading Change has built or is in the process of building, and to reconnect with the girls she’s come to know. In 11 whirlwind days they took 10 flights, stayed in 8 hotels, visited 6 schools, and travelled countless miles down rutted dirt roads to remote locations.

Wear and Tear: above average
Fulfillment factor: off the charts.

Over the next few months we’ll be sharing their experience here on the Blog.

Hey Jude


Meet Lyndsey & Lauren, vintage clothing hunters and founders of Hey Jude. Dubbed “a vintage shop that is one step ahead of the rest” by SHK Magazine (New York), their collections are packed full of carefully curated items and repurposed gems, all meticulously handpicked.

To coincide with the launch of The New Style, we sought out dapper gentlemen known for their phenomenal taste and personal aesthetic. Meet Dave Giglio, a Canadian, doing all the right things in LA.

Christina Culver


You’ve seen the salads and heard of their amazing benefits for your hair, now meet Christina Culver, the creator, Co-founder and Head Chef behind Culver City Salads.

We just wrapped from a day of shooting with local, ‘it’ girl, Keighty Gallagher founder of Tight Club Athletics. The athlete turned personal trainer welcomed us to her home; a delightful little coach house in the heart of Strathcona.

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