keratin volume finishing spray

Revamp volume finishing spray provides incredible body and long lasting hold. Hair-restructuring keratin amino acids build bigger, thicker and stronger hair, while a humidity-resistant, low alcohol formula provides maximum support and terrific shine. Ultra-fine misting and fast drying, Revamp also adds all day freshness with its hint of white tea ginger. Hold Factor: 4/5


Spray 6” to 8” over dry, finished style for lasting hold and support. Reapply for additional hold.


  • Keratin amino acids – the primary building blocks of hair, penetrate the hair shaft, bonding, repairing and smoothing while adding strength, elasticity, moisture and shine and protecting against further structural trauma.
  • Low alcohol formula – won’t dry hair, build up or flake.
  • Copolymers – add firm hold, high shine and humidity resistance, yet rinse out of hair easily without residue or build-up.


Overuse of Keratin can make hair brittle.

False. Keratin amino acids are the primary building blocks of human hair and help maintain hair’s core strength, moisture balance and elasticity, all vital to protecting hair against damage and breakage. Keratin Repair has an abundant amount of keratin amino acids that make your hair visibly stronger, shinier and healthier with each use. It is not possible to make hair brittle with, or to overuse, keratin amino acids.


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