Stylist How-To: Man Crush

Learn how to create a slick, swoon-worthy side part using Hard Jel and Molding Cream.

Stylist How-To: Undone Texture

An easy to achieve “don’t care hair” look your clients can do at home using Rosehip Balm, Sea Spray and a Midnight Heat Flat Iron. Enhance waves with Dry Wax and refresh with Dry Lift.

Stylist How-To: Lived-In Matte Texture with Sea Spray and Stucco

Vancouver-based stylist and salon owner, Christine Leblanc shares her insights to achieve this classic men's look with a blowdryer, Sea Spray and Stucco.

How To: Define Your Curls With Rosehip Balm and The Oil

HELLO HOW-TO. We got you. Follow along for easy-to-do styling tips and tricks to enhance and define curls with Rosehip Balm and The Oil.

AG Hair | Brand Story

From inspiration to innovation, AG Hair co-Founders, co-CEOs and husband and wife, John and Lotte Davis share their passion for making products that work.

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AG’s newest products are unfussed, straightforward and simple to use.