What We Do

At AG, EVERY BOTTLE COUNTS. AG Hair has been building schools for girls in Africa since 2008. Every time you purchase an AG Hair product, you also help empower girls. A desire to help girls in Sub-Saharan Africa reach their full potential to create change and to give women a voice in their households, communities and ultimately, their countries. OUR GOAL IS TO EMPOWER GIRLS IN AFRICA THROUGH EDUCATION. Women Leading Change is the Australian counterpart of One Girl Can, a registered charity based in Vancouver, Canada that provides educational opportunities to impoverished girls living in highly marginalized areas of sub-Saharan Africa.

Who We Are:

Lotte Davis has a passion for giving girls from marginalized communities in Africa the opportunity to earn an equal voice. Originally a native of Africa herself, she has been building schools and providing educational opportunities in Kenya and Uganda since 2006. As a successful entrepreneur with her own business in Canada, she coaches and mentors each new class of girls in the schools we work in to encourage them to think that anything is possible.

To see Lotte’s other philanthropic involvement, please visit: One Girl Can.